Bylaws of the AppleVan Association, 1990

Apple-Van Association
Articles of Organization
Originally published on Jan 01, 1990
Revised Jan 01 2012

  1. Name of Organization

    1. The primary name under which the organization will publicly operate shall be Apple-Van Association

    2. Secondary names that the organization shall operate under will be

      1. Apple-Van

      2. Apple-Van - Vancouver's Apple User Group

  2. Purpose of the Organization

    1. The primary purpose of Apple-Van is to promote the understanding of Apple and Apple compatible personal computers, and operate accordingly, as a not-for-profit user group, under the guidelines of Washington state, and the Internal Revenue Code, section 501 (c) (3) of 1954, and any corresponding provision of any future United States Revenue Law. Apple-Van shall neither be aligned with, nor officially promote the interests of any manufacturer, or vendor of goods, and/or services, including, but not limited to Apple Computer, Inc.

  3. Membership and Meetings

    1. Membership in Apple-Van will be open to anyone, and no discrimination of any kind will be tolerated or exercised.

      1. The definition of an Apple-Van member is any person who has paid current membership dues within the last twelve (12) month period.

      2. Membership dues shall be paid by all members on a twelve month basis. The payment of dues shall come due on the anniversary date of a member's payment of dues for that member's first year of membership, and shall be considered as past-due thirty (30) days thereafter. Membership shall terminate for any member who becomes past-due.

    2. Membership privileges shall consist of, but are not limited to the following:

      1. Participation in all club activities.

      2. One (1) vote to elect new officers and actions.

      3. Providing the member is present when a vote is called for.

      4. Receive one (1) copy of the monthly newsletter

      5. Participate in club purchases of hardware and software at reduced prices including full access to the club store.

      6. Access to the club library.

      7. One (1) current membership identification card

      8. Full Access to the Freedom Board BBS (Pro-Freedom)

      9. Access to club owned hardware when available.

    3. Meetings

      1. Meetings of Apple-Van shall be held on the third Tuesday of each month at the published meeting place. Any change in meeting place or time will be published in the newsletter prior to the meeting date.

    4. Membership Dues

      1. Membership dues, or changes thereof, shall be determined by a majority vote, of no less than 2/3 of the members present at the meeting in which a proposed change in the status of the due has been proposed, discussed, and a vote called for.

      2. Notification of a change in dues, will be published in the newsletter at least thirty (30) days before the new rate becomes effective.

      3. Changes in the dues will not effect current paid members until the renewal of their individual membership.

    5. New Memberships and Renewals

      1. Membership application shall be made available in newsletters, and at participating retail outlets, or at monthly meetings.

      2. New membership applications and renewals must be presented to the Treasurer, or presiding officer at any monthly meeting, or mailed, with payment to the club post office box:

      3. The address to the Apple-Van Association post office box is: Apple-Van, P.O. Box 2221, Vancouver WA 98668

  4. Newsletter

    1. Apple-Van shall publish and distribute a monthly newsletter to all current paid members.

    2. The newsletter shall be entitled "Apple-Van Communications"

    3. The newsletter shall consist of brief minutes of the previous meeting, when available, and information of the upcoming meeting, plus any articles of interest to the general membership.

    4. In the event that a newsletter cannot be published, a post card reminder containing vital information about the meeting will be sent to all current paid members.

  5. Finances

    1. Membership Dues

      1. All money collected from membership shall be placed into the treasury, and used to fund the Apple-Van activities and operational costs.

    2. Fund Raisers and Miscellaneous Income

      1. Any miscellaneous funds collected by Apple-Van shall be placed into the treasury to be used to fund Apple-Van activities and operational costs.

    3. Finances in General

      1. All acquired funds shall be disbursed in accordance with the wishes of the current membership, after the fulfillment of any financial obligations.

      2. No one person shall have absolute control over the finances and expenditures of Apple-Van.

      3. All checks drawn upon any account of Apple-Van must be signed by the treasurer, or an authorized officer, and cleared by the membership, if nor for an operational expense of Apple-Van (i.e. newsletters, etc.)

      4. Funds up to a maximum limit of $20.00, to be used for an Apple-Van activity may be Approved by the treasurer without prior authorization by Apple-Van.

      5. The officers of Apple-Van shall have no power to assume liability on behalf of the Apple-Van Association, for amounts in excess of funds unavailable to Apple-Van, nor for personal or unapproved expenditures.

    4. Dissolution of Organization

      1. In the event of the dissolution of the Apple-Van Association, and liquidation of its affairs, any funds remaining after payment of all financial obligations shall be donated to a local non-profit, or charity organization, to be named by Apple-Van at the time of dissolution.

  6. Apple-Van Officers

    1. The elected officers shall consist of:

      1. President

      2. Vice President

      3. Treasurer

      4. Secretary

    2. Section 2 - Duties of the President: The duties of the President of Apple-Van shall consist of, but are not limited to:

      1. Chair monthly membership meetings

      2. Chair meetings of the Apple-Van officers

      3. Write a monthly article, when possible, for the newsletter

      4. Assure that these Bylaws of Apple-Van are being followed

      5. Help organize Apple-Van activities

    3. Duties of the Vice President: The duties of the Vice President of Apple-Van shall consist of, but are not limited to:

      1. Assume President's duties in his/her absence from any meeting.

      2. Arrange for a guest speaker/demo for each monthly meeting.

      3. Arrange for a meeting place when necessary.

      4. Maintain an inventory of club owned equipment and software.

      5. Publish an inventory list two (2) times per year in the newsletter.

    4. Duties of the Treasurer

      1. The duties of the Treasurer of Apple-Van shall consist of, but are not limited to:

      2. Assume President's duties in the absence of both President and Vice President

      3. Maintain accurate records of Apple-Van's income and expenditures.

      4. Give an accurate treasurer's report at each Apple-Van general meeting, or pass the report to the next superior officer when unable to attend.

      5. Publish a complete and accurate treasury report in two (2) issues of the newsletter. The report shall cover the previous six month period.

      6. Pay Apple-Van's just debts.

      7. Maintain an up to date record of Apple-Van membership roster, and make sure each current officer receives a copy, at least twice a year.

    5. Duties of the Secretary: The duties of the Secretary of Apple-Van shall consist of, but are not limited to:

      1. Assume President's duties when no superior officer is present at any meeting.

      2. Record minutes of each meeting and submit said minutes for publication in the next available edition of the newsletter.

      3. Maintain an updated copy of Apple-Van bylaws, and make them available to anyone requesting a copy of said bylaws.

    6. Section 7 - Officer's Notebooks

      1. Each officer will have a notebook, supplied and owned by Apple-Van, containing the duties of each respective officer, up to date bylaws, notes, and other materials that applies to each respective office. These notebooks will be kept up to date by the current officers, and then passed to the next elected officers for each respective position.

  7. Election of Apple-Van Officers

    1. Nomination of Officers

      1. Nominations for officers of Apple-Van shall be opened at each November meeting. All positions are open to all current paid members.

      2. Nominations shall be called for the and the floor closed after all nominations have been made, or for a maximum time limit of ten (10) minutes per elected office.

      3. No person may be nominated for an office unless he/she is present at the November meeting. No exceptions are valid, unless someone at the meeting is acting as a representative for the person(s) seeking an office. (If a person wishes to run for an elected office, but is, for any reason, unable to attend the November meeting, he/she will be allowed to select someone to represent him/her to the general membership, and then, if elected, assume the position at the beginning of the term as per normal procedure.)

      4. Any person(s) nominated will have the right to refuse nomination for any particular office. Refusal to serve in any particular office does not deny him/her the right to run for a different one.

      5. Once the floor is closed, no other nominations may be made.

    2. Election of Officers

      1. Each member present at the November meeting will cast a single vote for or against each candidate for a particular office.

      2. In the event there is only one (1) nomination for a particular office, and that person wishes to carry out the duties of that office, that person is automatically elected to that office as per normal procedure.

      3. All officers shall be elected by a majority of the current members who are present at the November meeting.

      4. In the event there is a tie between two people running for an elected office, the candidates may choose to either share the office as co-officers, or one of the candidates may step down from nomination.

      5. After all elected officer positions have been filled, the election will close, and the newly elected officers will become active as of the first of January, of the new year.

      6. Current officers will notify the newly elected officers of any long term, or other projects currently in progress, and help them follow up on said projects.

      7. All current officers will turn over the officer notebooks to the newly elected officers at the end of the December meeting.

    3. Removal of Officers

      1. Justification for removal of an officer may include, but are not limited to:

        1. Abusing the privileges of office.

        2. Non-performance of duties.

        3. Repeated absences from general and/or special meetings

      2. Procedure for the removal of an elected officer shall be:

        1. A motion to consider the removal of an officer must be made at any general Apple-Van meeting.

        2. When the motion is seconded, it shall be referred to the elected officers for investigation.

        3. the Apple-Van officers shall be required to announce their findings to the general membership at the next meeting.

        4. the vote to remove an officer must be passed by no less than 2/3 of the current members at the meeting in which the vote is called.

        5. In the event the vote calls for the removal of the officer, removal procedures will commence, with the removal and dismissal of the officer, and a vote to replace the officer for the remainder of the term.

        6. If it is found by the that the immediate expulsion of an officer from office is necessary, removal procedures, an d a vote to replace the officer for the remainder of the term shall commence at the next general meeting of Apple-Van.

        7. The removed officer has the option to continue as a member of Apple-Van, unless sufficient justification for expulsion is presented.

        8. A summary of the procedure and outcome shall be published in the next available edition of the newsletter.

  8. Amendments to the Bylaws

    1. Amendments

      1. Any member may make a proposal for an amendment to the current bylaws.

      2. The proposal shall be discussed at the current meeting in which the amendment has been proposed for a maximum of thirty (30) minutes. The proposed amendment shall then be published in the next available edition of the newsletter, at least fifteen (15) days before the meeting in which the proposed amendment shall be voted upon.

      3. Any amendment voted upon, must be passed by no less than 2/3 of the total number of current paid members present at the meeting in which the proposed amendment it to be voted on.

      4. If a proposed amendment is approved, it becomes effective immediately.

    2. Updated Bylaws

      1. An updated copy of the bylaws shall be distributed to each officer, at the expense of Apple-Van, to be placed in the officer's notebooks.

      2. Any person may request a copy of Apple-Van's bylaws at no charge to them, other than media cost. Current editions of the bylaws shall be available via the Freedom board BBS (Pro-Freedom) for download at no cost to anyone.

  9. General Information

    1. Miscellaneous Information

      1. Apple-Van shall sponsor an electronic Bulletin Board System (BBS), to be known as the Freedom Board (Pro-Freedom). No charge will be encumbered for use of the Freedom Board, but donations for service and upkeep will be accepted by the treasurer at any general meeting.

      2. The number for the BBS shall be published in each edition of the newsletter. If the number for the BBS changes, notification for such changes shall be made in the newsletter, at the general meetings, and on the BBS itself.

      3. The meetings will follow Robert's Rules of Order in all cases in which they are acceptable. All disputes shall be settled by the elected officers.

  10. Copyrights

    1. Section 1 - Software

      1. Apple-Van will not support, nor endorse the illegal distribution of commercial software via its library. All effort to make sure no copyrighted software is available via the club library. Apple-Van will respect the owners of copyrights by only distributing Public Domain (PD), Shareware, or Freeware, without the permission of the copyright owner.

      2. Apple-Van recognizes the proprietary nature of commercial software, and actively discourages the duplication of software in violation of applicable laws. Persons engaged in such activity are solely responsible for their actions.


Please write your comments and suggestions on these proposed bylaws, and bring them to the February 1990 meeting, where they will be voted on. If you cannot attend the February 1990 meeting, then please send your comments and suggestions to:

Bylaws c/o Apple-Van
Post Office Box 2221
Vancouver WA 98668
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