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Big Apple Sees Newest Apple: iBook

When Steve Jobs announced the iMac in May, 1998, he outlined a hardware strategy of four basic computer products: a professional desktop (which was the G3 tower), a professional notebook (the black G3's), a consumer desktop (the curvy iMac) and a consumer portable (yet unseen). The consumer portable debuted at Mac Expo New York, and it is a beauty.

Dubbed an "iMac to go," the new iBook computer is scheduled to ship in late September at a price of $1599 and with the same basic features as the iMac, only portable. Approximately the same size as the G3 laptop, the curvy iBook comes in "blueberry" or "tangerine" with a 300 Mhz G3 processor, built-in 56K v90 modem, built-in 10/100 ethernet, one speaker, sound out port and a USB port for hooking up a USB microphone or other peripherals. Among the coolest features of the iBook, however, are a built-in carrying handle and the option to add a $100 "airport" wireless LAN card.

In combination with another iBook or a $300 Airport base station, up to ten iBooks can share one internet connection at maximum speeds of up to 11 Mbps, through walls and at distances of up to 150 feet. This option will let you to take your iBook from room to room, or even out into the yard or garden. Schools can have portable classroom networks and people at meetings can share information handily. Using an encrypted industry 803.11 standard, this technology should be a big seller for Apple, with slower third-party add-ons for other Macs possibly available later in the year.

Useful Shortcuts from Dale Heigh

iBook Details


A summary of the iBook from Apple's web site. The full version of this site (and further Apple Tech Info Library articles on the iBook) shall be available for review at the August meeting. Please bring a zip disk if you would like to take it home with you.

iBook Hardware

iBook Software

Price & Availability

Several mail-order companies and Apple resellers are taking pre-orders for the iBook at $1,599, with expected delivery in late September. As of this writing (in late July) sale of new Airport products is awaiting final FCC approval but the Airport card for iBook shall be $99 with an Airport Base Station at $299 (with modem, sharing software and 10/100 ethernet).

Other Products Announced in NY

In addition to the iBook, several other products were introduced or announced in New York. Among these was Microsoft Word SE, a $99 version of the once-ubiquitous word processor, including extra clip art. Norton Utilities 5 and Norton Anti-Virus 6 are also due for release in September. Corel WordPerfect 3.5 shall reportedly be available for free download at Corel's web site by mid-August. (Corel announced in New York that this would be the last version of WordPerfect on the old 68K code-base, but was mum on rumors of upcoming plans, such as Macintosh and Linux ports of the well-received WordPerfect 2000 Office Suite.)

On the hardware side, most of the announcements focused on new USB products, such as USB video-out solutions, a new USB microphone.and a USB adapter for Palm/Pilot connected organizers.

Not part of the Mac announcements, but potentially of interest was 3Com's announcement of the Palm IIIe, a $239 entry-level version of the discontinued PalmIII, with the same high-quality screen as found in the high-end Palm IIIx.

Quicken Offers Y2K Upgrade

"A man is rich," wrote thrifty Henry David Thoreau, "in proportion to the number of things he can afford to leave alone." One of the pleasures of being a Mac user in 1999 was not having to worry about the year 2000 "Y2K" bug, BIOS chips or a wardrobe of software patches for our software suites. Because the Mac OS itself is Y2K compliant (and most programs ask the system software what time and day it is), few programs have Y2K problems. Most Mac programs that do are either (1) specialized scientific measuring equipment or (2) made by Intuit, specifically QuickBooks or Quicken financial software.
If you use Quicken's online banking features, QuickBooks or QuickBooks Pro, be sure to contact Intuit for current Y2K information. Intuit has quietly been sending free upgrades to Quicken 98 Deluxe to current Quicken owners upon request.
If you are a registered owner of Quicken 1 through 7, you may phone them or visit their web site:

Quicken 98 Deluxe requires at least System 7.1, a 68030 processor and a 2x CD-ROM drive.

AppleVan Web Site & Clinic @ CompUSA

The AppleVan web site has been revamped and moved to Among the additions are HTML versions of the AppleVan Communications newsletter, notice of future meetings and a map to the meeting location. The new URL will appear in each issue of AppleVan Communications.

In another development mentioned at the July meeting, general manager Bob Brant of the Jantzen Beach CompUSA has agreed to donate space for a monthly Mac Clinic, to be staffed by AppleVan and PMUG volunteers, free and open to all. The first three clinics shall take place on the second Saturday of each month: August 14, September 11 and October 9. Many brand-new iMac owners need simple help with even the very basics, such as how to install a program, select a printer in the Chooser or write a letter in AppleWorks (ClarisWorks). If you have free time, please come by to help out from 2-5 pm at the Jantzen Beach CompUSA store (training center area), near REI and the Home Depot.

Good Apples (Officers and Such)

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